From Russia, With Resilience

Maybe psychology is hurting people, rather than helping. This is the thought which began the creation of the sunflower project. When I delved into psychology in graduate school, I noticed that many of the interventions were disabling, rather than enabling people. However, there was one psychological trait that stood out among the rest: Resilience. Unlike other traits, the aim of resilience is not only survival, but trans-figurative survival- learning how to transform your trauma or stress into something greater.

As a descendant of Slavic people, my interest in this was furthered as I read about Russian history, learning how an entire nation survived years of persecution and war. I found that resilience is a common international “language” that begins on a personal level, but happens on all levels- community, national, international and global.

What to Expect

For the next year, I want to create conversations and generate thought about how to create a stronger world starting from the personal level, and translating into community strength. This blog is meant to showcase the nuance of resilience, explain the intricacies behind this ability and give practical understandings to carry on through your life.

How can you become more resilient? How can you have a more resilient family and community? By exploring the history, neuroscience, narratives, literature, art, politics and of course, psychology behind resilient people and communities, you can create your own understanding of resilience and bring it into reality.

Learn more about why I chose the resilient sunflower by clicking here.

Let’s build something together.